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ECO School

We are very proud to now hold ‘Green Flag’ status! We are officially an ‘ECO’ school.

Every Thursday the Eco team meet to work in the school grounds or on projects within school. Eco is also included in the school curriculum.


Our school can be more eco friendly if we all pull together…


We want you to switch on to switching off

We want you to remember to think before you bin it and use both sides of the paper

We want you to recycle ink cartridges

We want you to recycle your milk bottles

We want you to use your fruit waste to make compost

We want you to make our school a pleasant place to be by keeping it litter free

We want you to eat healthy snacks

We want you to look after plants, trees and animals in our school environment

We want you to be kind, helpful and friendly to everyone

We want you to set a Healthy Eco Example all the time