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Our school uniform theme is a combination of red, grey and white.  

Most items can be bought from High Street shops however items which have the school logo on can be purchased at

Top Marks (Debonair) or JFC Sports .

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the uniform shops have updated their procedures.

Please see below for further details.

Main Uniform

Red School Logo with blue stripe jumper or cardigan.

EYFS—White Polo shirt or shirt, no tie

Y1 and 2—White shirt and elasticated tie

Y3-6—White shirt and tie


Grey skirt or pinafore dress with white socks or grey tights


Grey trousers with black socks

Black, flat shoes with a sensible grip– no logos


During Summer months, red and white gingham dresses or grey shorts can be worn with white socks.


All school uniform and P.E. kit MUST be named.

Swimming Kit

1 piece costume or trunks

Large towel

Suitable bag

Permission slip for goggles at the start of each term.

P.E. Kit

Available to purchase via JFC website ( see below)

EYFS/KS1 - Black Shorts + Arlies Logo T-shirt + Arlies Logo Small PE bag - £10

KS2 - Black Shorts + Arlies Logo T-shirt + Arlies Logo Large PE bag - £11

Trainers NOT pumps – preferably with Velcro fastening unless your child can independently tie their laces


Black shorts

Plain white T-shirt or Arlies Logo T-Shirt

Trainers NOT pumps – preferably with Velcro fastening unless your child can independently tie their laces


Black jogging bottoms with no logos for outdoor lessons during the winter

Black fleece (advisable) or school jumper can be worn.


For health and safety reasons, children are not permitted to wear earrings for PE. Your child’s teacher will advise you when PE lessons take place so that earrings can be removed.

Jewellery, Hair Styles and Accessories, Make-up and Nail Varnish

For health and safety reasons, we do not allow children to wear jewellery. The exceptions to this rule are small, simple, stud earrings in pierced ears and a wrist watch. Children are required to remove any items during PE lessons to prevent them from causing injury.

Please note: Teachers are not permitted to remove earrings.  If children are unable to do this, please ensure they do not wear these items to school on the days they have P.E.

Long hair should be tied up for school for Health and Safety reasons and to reduce any risk of possible spread of headlice. Hair bands, ribbons and bows should be in school colours only (Red, White, Grey) and must be of a minimal and appropriate size for school.

Make up and nail varnish (including acrylic or gel nails) should not be worn to school. Extreme hairstyles are not appropriate for school. The use of styling products should be kept to a minimum and children should not have decorative patterns cut into their hair or have hair coloured or dyed.

Uniforms can be purchased from:

Top Marks School Wear

82 Old Street, Ashton-under-Lyne, OL6 7JR

Tel No: 0161 343 2900

Coronavirus update - please click here for further information 

Shop online: https://topmarksschoolwear.co.uk/category/schools/ashton/primary-schools/arlies/

Book an appointment: https://topmarksschoolwear.co.uk/book-an-appointment/  

Pricing information  :Top Marks schoolwear


JFC Sports Ltd 


Unit 8a, Redfern Industrial Estate, Off Meadow Street, Hyde, Cheshire, SK14 1RE, 
Tel: 0161 367 7700 

Shop Online  - www.jfcsports.co.uk/product-category/school/arlies-primary/