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Early Years Foundation Stage


The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS) sets out the learning and development stages for children as they grow from birth to five years. Here at Arlies, we educate pupils in the EYFS department, from ages three to five years only, building on the experiences you have given them since birth. Children develop quickly in the early years and our early years team aim to do all they can to help your children have the best possible start in life. Children in Foundation stage learn by playing and exploring, being active and through creative and critical thinking which takes place both indoors and outdoors.

Our Philosophy

At Arlies, we have a strong belief that children learn best in the early years when they are active, messy, muddy and immersed in a high-quality, well-planned play environment using the full potential of both indoors and outdoors.

We believe that children can lead their own learning through their natural curiosity and personal interests. We have a highly-skilled team who will provide some whole-class structured sessions, smaller group adult-led sessions and will be involved in high quality interactions with your child during child initiated activities within our continuous provision.

The learning environment within our EYFS department is a key component within our philosophy of learning and development of children. Our outdoor area is extremely popular and well-used by all children. Many children prefer to learn outdoors and
bad weather does not stop them! Playing and exploring outdoors has a huge benefit to your child’s development as it can:

  • develop reflective and inquisitive thinking along with problem-solving approaches in ‘real’ situations
  • encourage holistic development of children
  • develop resilience and adaptability
  • allow children to become more able to identify hazards and risks
  • develop a love, appreciation and respect for nature and all that is living
  • develop an understanding of how we can look after our environment
  • develop self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem
  • develop collaborative-working and communication skills
  • provide positive health benefits – both physically and mentally – and assist  gross and fine-motor development
  • develop a lifelong love of the outdoor

In the EYFS department, your child may come home with a phonics book to share with you from time to time. This will only begin once your child can access structured teaching and has achieved the criteria for Phase 1 phonics.

All as we ask is that you share and enjoy books of your child’s choice together. EYFS children are taken to our school library
each week and will borrow a book of their choice to share with you. It is not about whether the book is too easy or too hard - it is
about instilling a love for reading and a want to pick up a book.

Read it to them.
Read it with them.
Enjoy it together!

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