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Lunchtime Provision


The feedback from the children is that our new, structured lunchtimes are a big hit! The children love seeing what is on offer each day from our weekly timetable! They absolutely love Fun Friday where we have music blasting out to all of our activities or they can just dance along to the tunes!


How do we ensure safety and happiness at Lunchtime here at Arlies?


Lots of schools primarily use midday assistants to supervise lunchtime. At Arlies, all of our teaching assistants, at least one designated safeguarding lead, our sports coach plus 3 extra midday assistants (employed just for lunchtime) are involved in our organised, lunchtime programme. This ensures we can offer activities to engage the children and provide maximum supervision with experienced and familiar members of staff. This in turn ensures that our children feel happy, safe and are never short of a quality activity to engage in with children of a similar age!


Here are some of the optional lunchtime activities that been available this half-term. These are allocated to different classes each day on rota.

If your child doesn’t wish to take part in any activities but just have free play, then that is also more than okay! These are all there to access through choice!


Dodgeball, Rounders, Penalty Shoot-out, Circuit training, Fitness Bingo, Relays

Cheerleading, Cricket, Danish Long Ball

Fun Friday Musical Sessions – Dancing, singing

Giant Chalks, Parachute Games, Skipping and Elastics,

Minibeast Hunt, Bug House Challenge,

Storytime in the Reading Hut

Chinese New Year Craft

RSPB crafts

Outdoor Gym Challenges

Traditional games

Winter Nature Trail


Alongside the above, we always have the adventure playground, the reading den, basketball nets and outdoor gym accessible on a rota. All areas are adult supervised.