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Reading for Pleasure


Reading is the key component to our whole curriculum at Arlies and promoting the love of books is at the heart of our ethos! Not only is Reading within our curriculum design it is a huge part of our wider offer.

Learning to read is more successful when a child enjoys books. Promoting reading is a passion for us at Arlies; we ensure our children have access to a range of texts, in all areas of school, from all genres including those which encompass their interests in order to harness their inspiration for a love of knowledge and fiction. 


We are fully aware that the love of books and reading starts in the early years and primarily at home through quality time sharing books together in those pre-school years. In order for us to help your child reach their full potential in reading and for your child to access the teaching of reading within school, we NEED them to LOVE reading and we encourage this to start at home. We aim to further that love of books or indeed, ignite the love of books and reading within our pupils and parents.


Here at Arlies, we promote and give opportunities for reading for pleasure in many ways. 


Arlies School Library

At Arlies, we are so proud to have our own library and each class visits our library weekly! Our library has a range of high quality texts including those which the children show interest in! We have monthly themes ensuring our library has a renewal of fresh, exciting reads regularly. We encourage these books to be shared at home!

Book Vending Machine - a whole new world of inspiration!

This is a welcomed addition to our school! Our children aspire every single day to gain a gold token to visit the vending machine! We not only use this as part of The Arlies Reading Challenge but children get many opportunities every day to gain a gold token! Some examples include: outstanding effort, outstanding pieces of work in all subjects, demonstration of upholding any of our school values. 

Outdoor Reading Den

Our children have access each break and lunch time to the outdoor reading area! Our play leaders and staff host story times on rotation in this exclusive area!

Commitment to Reading in our classes

Each of our classrooms has its own reading area which is accessible to all and filled with reads which the children enjoy!

Arlies Reading Challenge

Our pupils take great inspiration in aspiring to complete the Arlies Reading Challenge! 

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Arlies 100 Books to read before you leave!

We encourage our pupils to read these 100 books before they leave us in Year 6! Copies are available around school and the books are available to read in school or borrow from our library!

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