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Holidays During Term Time

In September 2013, changes to Government regulations and guidance means that Head Teachers can no longer authorise leave of absence for the sole purpose of a holiday (unless in exceptional circumstances.)

At Arlies, leave of absence shall not be granted unless there are ‘exceptional circumstances’.  This may only be granted at the discretion of the Headteacher. Parents/carers wishing to apply for leave of absence during term time must apply in writing to the Headteacher at least a month before the planned leave.  If a written request for leave of absence is not completed and the leave taken without a request being submitted, the leave will not be considered by the Headteacher and it will be marked as unauthorised.  Arlies Primary School will treat each application individually before a decision is made. 

Retrospective requests will not be considered and therefore will result in the absence being categorised as unauthorised. In such cases the school may make a referral to Local Authority to request that a penalty notice fine is issued or referred to the Local Authority to consider prosecution. We will respond to all application for leave of absence in writing.

Work will not be provided for any absences.