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Welcome to our EYFS page!

Meet Our Team

Miss Daly - Nursery Teacher

    Miss Hanlon - EYFS            Mrs Hafford - EYFS
    Teaching Assistant              Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Ashbourne - Reception Teacher

  Miss Summerhill - EYFS          Mrs Burges - EYFS
       Teaching Assistant                Teaching Assistant


All About Me!


Can you create a picture of yourself?
You can use anything that you like (paint, pencils, crayons, different materials that you may have) 

What colour hair do you have? What colour are your eyes? What features (body parts) do you see on your face that you would need to add to your picture?



My family:

Can you draw a picture of you and the special people in your life? 

Do you have any pets at home? Make sure to include them too!

Family handprints:

With the people you live with, use paints to colour your hands and make a handprint on a piece of paper. Do this with all of the people in your house! Can you order the handprints from the smallest to the biggest? How many handprints do you have altogether?


 Don't forget to fill in your 'About Me' Page on Tapestry (when you receive your invitation)! It is a really useful way of being able to get to know you and learn about your interests and needs.


Welcome to EYFS!

We are so excited to meet you (or to see you again!)

Nursery and Reception are such brilliant places to be, and we cannot wait until you are all back exploring the environment, and learning through play. 

But at the moment school is a little bit different, and until we are all back, we can't meet you in person! But we want you to feel excited about coming to Nursery or Reception, and want to let you know that there is no need to be worried. You will be safe and happy and have lots of opportunities for incredible learning. 

It would be amazing if we could get to know you before you start school. We are going to upload some activities that will give you a taste of school whilst also allowing us to get to know you a little bit better. Your grown ups will soon receive details to log into Tapestry, where they can upload pictures of your learning and involvement in the activities. We cannot wait to see what you get up to! 

Thank you - we will see you soon!
Miss Daly, Mrs Ashbourne and the EYFS Team.

Chatterbox or Chatterbag

Here is a fun activity that we think you will enjoy. You can choose either a bag or a box and you can decorate it in whichever way you would like! Fill it with things that you find interesting and that you might want to share with the other boys and girls in your class (and don't forget to label it so everyone knows it's yours!) We love circle time in EYFS and enjoy listening to your stories and what you find interesting. Create and collect from now until you start/return to school and bring it with you in your first week at Arlies. 

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Below are some PDF documents by PACEY (Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years) that will allow you to prepare for starting school. Included are some checklists to prepare, as well as some simple activities and ways you can adapt routine to support your child in being prepared to start Nursery or Reception). Click download to save a copy and view the documents.

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