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Class 5 - Mrs Hughes

Welcome to Year 5!

Here you can find all information specific to our class. On this page you’ll find all the latest Year 5  related news, curriculum and documents – including letters sent home, newsletters and curriculum overviews. 

Please feel free to look at our photographs and videos which showcase what life is like in Year 5 at Arlies.

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Mrs Hughes and Year 5.

As part of our Spring Term topic Comparing People and Places, we have been creating Alpine scenes out of Modroc.

In Science, for part of our Earth and Space topic, we turned ourselves into human sundials to investigate the positioning of the Sun in the sky over the course of the day as the Earth rotates on its axis. 

As part of our continuing good behaviour in Class 5, Mrs Hughes organised a reward for our class. We had a gymnastics session provided by Bounceback which was lots of fun and we learnt lots of new skills on the equipment.

During Summer Half Term 1, we were taught how to ride our bikes safely around a course on the playground. Once we had passed Level 1, we were taken out on to the roads to complete Level 2 with our instructors.  

As a conclusion to our topic, Comparing People and Places, we visited Salford Quays which had been part of our urban areas focus. During our trip, we went to the Lowry Outlet, The Lowry Gallery and the Imperial War Museum. It was fascinating so see all of the places we had studied in real life. 

Our Science topic for Summer Half Term 1 was Properties and Changes of Materials. We have carried out lots of different experiments over the course of the topic. Some of the experiments tested reversible and irreversible reactions, separating solids and liquids, and evaporation of a liquid to leave a solid. Here are some of our favourite experiments from this topic.