Good attendance is taken very seriously and children are expected to attend school regularly. Excellent attendance is rewarded annually with certificates and termly with a sticker.

Please let us know the reason your child is absent by telephoning school on the first day of absence - before 9am. If a child is not in attendance at school and we have had no call from the parent/carer, the school's Attendance Officer - Mr D. Hughes - will follow up the absence on that day. If a child is frequently absent, this will be followed up by a referral to the Educational Welfare Service.

To ensure the safety of the children, we ask that all Foundation Stage and KS1 are delivered to the school door and collected by a responsible adult. All children arriving or leaving during session times must be signed in or out by a responsible adult in the book in the reception area. In this way, we are able to check whether or not a child's absence is authorised and it also means, especially in the case of older pupils who come to school unaccompanied, that we know the child is safe at home with you.



We believe that it is important to highlight the importance of school routines very early to encourage self discipline in the children. School starts at 8.55 a.m.

Children are welcome to come to Toast Club in the hall from 8.30am to aid their punctuality. Reception and KS1 children must be accompanied by an adult at this club.

Key Stage 2 children are brought in from the school yard by a member of the Key Stage 2 staff. 

As a parent, if you wish to speak with a class teacher, you need to visit the school office to arrange a suitable time to visit before or after the school day. At 8.55am, the staff need to welcome the children into school and attend registration.


Holidays During Term Time

Under new government guidelines holidays during term time are no longer allowed. In exceptional circumstances a leave of absence may be granted and a request form should be completed by parents. This is available from the School Office. Only in very exceptional circumstances can absence be authorised by the school in accordance with DCSF regulations.

Work will not be provided for any absences.