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School Values and Ethos

Our overriding aim is to provide for all children, regardless of race, gender or disability, a secure, caring and supportive environment in which each child can achieve their intellectual, emotional, social and physical potential in an enjoyable way.

  1. To provide very good quality education for all pupils and strive for high standards in all aspects of school life.
  2. To develop the full potential of each child through a variety of relevant and challenging experiences.
  3. To encourage the continuing development of all pupils' aptitudes, abilities and interests.
  4. To promote within each child a positive self-image and provide a stimulating learning environment where each child's work is valued and achievements are celebrated
  5. To promote a happy caring school where good communication and relationships lead to respect and appreciation of others regardless of race, sex, colour, religion or disability.
  6. To develop independent learners equipped with the skills and knowledge for life in a changing world
  7. To help children develop lively and enquiring minds and encourage them to communicate their feelings and ideas in a variety of ways.
  8. To encourage the children's spiritual, moral and cultural development in all areas of their life.
  9. To foster and develop a partnership between the school, the home and the wider community. 
  10. To promote an awareness of and a responsibility for the environment in which we live in and the role we play in sustaining it.