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At Arlies, we want to create links with as many local sports clubs as possible. Therefore we want as many children as possible to appear on our Sporting Stars page where we can share all the club information for other children to join. It is also great for our children to celebrate success of children outside of school.  We also celebrate the success of children who have achieved success in school competitions as well.

Jessica Peel – Gymnastics

Jessica goes to the Tameside School of Gymnastics where she is excelling in many areas.  She trains an amazing FIVE times a week, in fact the only days that she has off are Mondays and Fridays!
Jessica started at the end of June 2013, moving up through the levels of classes, in December 2013 she was awarded Gymnasts Gymnast of the year and most improved at conditioning at the annual Christmas awards.
Jessica recently competed in, Four Piece – Beam (13th), Floor (2nd), Vault (10th) and Bars (14th), as part of the Four Piece competition she had to do Range and Conditioning (9th) as part of her grade, at the Greater Manchester Club Grades 14-9 Championships 2014, Regional Grade 14 In Age, in February 2014.  The position Jessica came in each piece is shown in the brackets, this was out of 27 entrants and Jessica’s overall position was 10th which meant that she passed her grade with distinction.
Jessica was awarded a medal at her club for coming second in floor and she has another four piece competition coming up in April 2014.  As you can clearly see, Jessica loves gymnastics and is progressing incredibly well for someone who took the sport up less than a year ago!
For more information on the Tameside school of Gymnastics, please visit: