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Class 3 - Miss Ambrose

Our Holiday News!

During the first few weeks back, class 3 have been working hard to create their own summer suitcase. Some of the activities included:

  • Writing a postcard 
  • Writing a recount of events 
  • Designing some funky sunglasses
  • Drawing a
    picture of a scene from the summer holidays
  • Decorating the suitcase using luggage stickers



In Maths, we have been developing an understanding of place value, using different representations and various equipment.

We are now beginning to investigate 3-digit number patterns. 

Music - Djembe

This term, Tameside Music Service are teaching class 3 how to play the djembe. So far, class 3 have been learning to sing heads, shoulders, knees and toes in African. They have also started to explore how to make different sounds on the drum.