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  • 2016-17 School Term Dates
    Visit our 'Holidays' page to see next year's term and holiday dates.
  • Production Tickets
    All tickets for the summer production have now gone – we are at maximum capacity currently. Please if you have tickets but find that you can no longer attend, send the tickets back in ASAP as we have a long waiting list for extra tickets.
  • Williams Awareness day
    Thanks to all pupils for their donations to the Williams Syndrome Foundation. We have raised £169.50. May is Williams Syndrome Awareness Month #WSFshareyourheart. Please visit the special events page to see the picture.
  • Calling all parents!
    Parent First Aid - FREE of charge - Tea and Toast available - 9am every Monday in the top building until further notice! This week's focus - How to treat a burn. All welcome.
  • Clubs
    Please visit our 'Clubs' page to see which clubs are on offer for the Summer term!
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