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    • Highlights from 2014-2015
      To see highlights from academic year 2014-2015, visit the 'Highlights 2014-15' page under activities!
    • Achievement at Arlies
      See our 'Pupil Achievements - Awards 2015' page to find out how we recognise and celebrate the achievement and successes of our pupils! Here you will see pictures from our July 2015 awards assembly!
    • Leavers 2015
      We said goodbye to our Year 6 pupils in July and we wish them the best of luck at their new schools! To see their last week at Arlies in pictures, visit our class page 'Leavers 2015'.
    • Achievement Assembly
      The Summer Achievement assembly - 100% attendance, Sports day awards, Housepoints, Greenpoints, sunflower competition winners, lunchtime behaviour 'Yellow card' draw and more! Open this story to find out the winners!
    • KS2 Music Concert
      Thank you and well done to Year 3, 4 and 5 for entertaining us with their new music skills! Pupils, staff and parents thoroughly enjoyed the concert! Click this news story for more details.
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