Class 1 - Miss Briggs


Welcome to the Autumn term in Class 1 Miss Briggs! 

 Welcome to a brand new year in Class 1. It is lovely to meet 25 new smiley faces, ready to embrace their second (or third) year of learning at Arlies Primary School. 

 I am Miss Briggs and I will be your child's class teacher for 2017-18 in Class 1. Whilst in Class 1, I will be working closely with your child to deliver the National Curriculum for Year 1. Alongside me, Mrs Taylor (TA) and Mrs Taylor (1:1) will also be supporting your child within the classroom. 

 I am looking forward to getting to know you and your child; updating you on their progress and achievements throughout the year.

 If you have any questions do not hesitate to see me after school to make an appointment.

Miss Briggs :) 

Together, we have decided our class rules...

In Class 1...

"We always sit nicely on the carpet" ,

"We use our good listening ears" ,

"We always tidy up after ourselves" ,

"We line up smartly and sensibly" and

"We always share and play nicely".

Golden Time and Privilege

In KS1 on a Friday afternoon, as a reward for all of our hard work throughout the week, we celebrate with Golden Time. During this time, we are able to play with all of the toys in the classroom and have lots of fun with our friends!

Each Thursday, two lucky Privilege card winners are announced. If your child has excelled this week and has been awarded the privilege card, they may bring in a toy from home for Golden Time.

 Meet our class mascots, Cottontail and Billy!

 Each weekend, the privilege card winners are able to take home one of our furry friends and their diary.   Please return to school the following Monday, detailing the adventures your child has been on with their mascot, including any pictures or illustrations. They may then share this with the class during the week.

Weather Chart Challenges

Class 1 will be introducing Weather Chart Challenges. At the beginning of the week all children will begin on the sunshine, throughout the week children are encouraged to complete work based challenges to move up the weather chart. If your child reaches the pot of gold by the end of the week they will be able to select a prize on Friday. Children are also able to move down the weather chart for failing to complete their class work.